WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE: Doncaster football fan celebrates England penalty win in a packed New York bar full of Colombian fans

WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IN VIDEO: A Doncaster man currently living in America celebrated the England penalty shootout win in a bar full of 500 Colombian fans, and they didn't look happy.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 7th July 2018, 2:55 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 3:52 pm
Shane was a lone England supporter in a packed out bar of Colombian fans
Shane was a lone England supporter in a packed out bar of Colombian fans

Mexborough native Shane Herbert, 30, who now lives in Long Island, New York, was on the hunt for a local pub to watch his beloved England play Colombia in the world cup game on Tuesday.

Upon finding one pub, which was empty, his search continued until he happened to stumble upon the Pollo Rico Latin Bistro in Centerreach, New York.

He said: "I knew there was a Colombian fan base there, and there is no English pubs. Also to be honest Americans are not the biggest football fans.

"Well they call it Soccer, so that explains it. Anyway I thought at least I get a good atmosphere in there."

Shane who moved to New York seven years ago runs a successful masonry business and has been an avid England fan all his life.

And upon entering the packed out bar, he soon realised that he was on his own, but spirits remained high between the rivals, united by their love of football.

"When I walked in the bar it was something else, they had the drums, singing songs, making me feel intimidated," he added.

"It was brilliant. I loved it. When we scored the first goal my passion got the best of me and I over celebrated. They where all in great spirits and very vocal until that goal in last minute when they made me feel like the loneliest Englishman in the world.

"The bar went mental people were jumping all over me and they were proud because they equalised."

He said that after that, the atmosphere was very tense but the Colombians kept singing and dancing throughout extra time.

And as the nail-biting game went to penalties he quickly grabbed his mobile phone to capture the epic England win, as Eric Dier stepped up to score the winning goal.

In the video you can see the Colombian fans devastation, as the lone England fan jumps up and down, screaming.

"But when penalties came. It was so nerve wracking," he said.

"And you could feel everyone's nerves in the bar. But when we scored the last penalty to win the game, the first penalty win for England in a world cup, my passion for my country got the best me, and I couldn't hold anything in.

"As I was celebrating I must of hit three or four people with my arms. That's why I was saying sorry. After the game, they actually all shook my hand. They congratulated me and said 'Well done England man, never come here again."

Shane now plans to continue to watch England, hopefully towards victory, and will be travelling back to Doncaster in September, to introduce his wife and little boy to his family and friends, that he hasn't seen since he moved across the pond.