WARNING - DISTRESSING IMAGE - Anger mounts in Doncaster as 'beautiful dog' found dead in a back garden

Residents in Thorne, Doncaster have blasted an irresponsible dog owner for allegedly neglecting and starving her dog that eventually led to its death.

Monday, 19th August 2019, 5:12 pm

A concerned resident who requested anonymity said her mother, who is the perpetrator's neighbour, found the dog lying motionless in a back garden on Saturday morning.

"She took a picture and showed it to me and I was furious. I have reported this to RSPCA and they said they would pick up the body," she said.

In a viral picture that is making its rounds on social media, the male dog, believed to be a Husky, appeared to be severely emaciated.

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The male dog was found dead in a back garden of a house in Doncaster on Saturday morning

According to the resident, they were already concerned about the dog's well-being when he was hit by a car last year.

"We offered to take it to the vet but the owner refused and she just kept the dog in the house. We would hear the dog yelp in the back garden," she said.

She said several residents have filed numerous complaints to RSPCA but they claimed they fell on deaf ears.

Another resident said she has filed a report "at least 10 times" with the charity body about four months ago.

"I thought then RSPCA had come and taken the dog until I saw the latest picture. It is absolutely horrific," she said.

She said the dog, believed to be named Diesel, was the most beautiful husky when the owner first got it.

"The vet is just five minutes’ walk from where we live and she could've done anything other than starving it in the back garden," she said.

RSPCA has been approached for comments.