Warning after five cats die from antifreeze poisoning in Rotherham

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Pet owners are asked to be cautious after five cats have died from antifreeze poisoning in Rotherham.

The cats all came from the same area around Elliott Drive in the Kimberworth Park area and there are fears the number of poisoned cats could be higher with owners not realising antifreeze is to blame for their pets illness.

Although it is not known where the antifreeze came from, owners are asked to keep an eye on their pets and for the public to ensure any antifreeze is securely stored so cats cannot access it.

RSPCA Inspector Jennie Ronksley said: ‘We would like to ask everyone in the area to keep an eye on their cats’ wellbeing.

“People should be aware that antifreeze is extremely poisonous to their pets and just a small amount can lead to kidney failure and death.

“Vet tests determined all these cats died from ingesting antifreeze - but we do not know where the source of it is.”