Wanted Doncaster man tries to evade police capture by 'sitting in hotel with breakfast menu'

Premier Inn, Doncaster. Picture: Google
Premier Inn, Doncaster. Picture: Google

A wanted man tried to evade capture from police officers by pretending to be a guest looking at the breakfast menu in a hotel restaurant.

Doncaster Central Neighbourhood Policing Team described how they gave chase to the man in Doncaster town centre yesterday morning because he was wanted in connection with a number of alleged offences.

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They told how he ended up in the Premier Inn and pretended to be a guest in a bid to avoid capture - but justice finally caught up with him.

PC Gemma Ibbitson said: "A male who was wanted for eight separate offences and of no fixed abode was spotted by police community support officers in the grounds of Doncaster Minster.

"This male, on realising they had contacted police officers to attend, threw a bag of what is believed to be stolen property at them and ran off crying shouting sorry.

"He was followed across the dual carriageway and went into the gym of the Premier Inn where he decided that it wasn't really his type of place and made his way through the hotel to the restaurant.

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"He tried to evade capture by sitting at a table with a breakfast menu however was detained shortly after as numerous officers had attended and surrounded all the exits.

"He is currently awaiting process at Doncaster custody suite."

A hotel guest posted on Facebook: "Not sure of all the whys and wherefores but they kept testing the fire doors in the restaurant and asking if anyone had got out that way.

"We were told that the chap they were after was hiding in the bar area.

"They carted him off and put him in the van.

"I've never seen so many police in one place before."

There was speculation online that a man had stabbed someone in a nearby shop and then fled police capture to the hotel.

However this has not been confirmed by police.

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A spokesperson for Premier Inn refused to comment and said it was a police matter.

The South Yorkshire force has been asked for comment and we are awaiting a response.