'Wanna hook up?' Lovelorn romeo tries to make a date with the whole of Doncaster Council

A lovelorn romeo sent a message to Doncaster Council telling the authority: "Wanna hook up?"

Friday, 20th April 2018, 7:32 am

Doncaster Council shared the photo of the bizarre request through their Facebook page.

The council shared a photo of the exchange on Twitter - and how they politely batted off their would-be suitor.

‘Yes yes. Bby. Wanna hook up’, the anonymous user messaged.

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Flattered, but gently knocking back the potential date, the Council replied: ‘It’s kind of you to offer but, you know, we’re a Metropolitan Borough Council providing the majority of local government services in Doncaster.’

The authority later tweeted: "It's nice to see people truly appreciating some of the many services we offer as a council, to the point of them wanting to thank us in person."

When one user suggested that the message was a ‘mating’ request, DMBC dismissed the notion.

‘Mating?? We though they just wanted to sit down for a cuppa and talk about how wonderful LED streetlights are?’, they responded.

Another user joked: ‘You should’ve said “Sorry, we are in a complicated relationship with 300,000 people”’.

And it seems that others were rather jealous of the apparent affection, with the town of Sudbury in Suffolk wanting in on it.

‘Why do we not get love messages like this??’, they asked.