Vow to fight any fracking in Dearne

A shale gas test site.
A shale gas test site.

Environmentalists have vowed to fight any plans for fracking in part of the Dearne after a survey revealed large parts of the area are sitting on rocks that could produce shale gas.

Campaigners are calling for any potential plans to extract the fossil fuel to be ditched because of the impact on the environment.

The South Yorkshire Times revealed last month how a survey by the British Geological Survey claimed to have established the potential presence of shale gas underneath vast areas of Doncaster, including parts of Mexborough and Conisbrough.

Town environmentalists have now vowed to fight any fracking plans, while mayor Ros Jones and Labour leader and Mexborough MP Ed Miliband also say green issues must be considered carefully as part of any future proposals.

Former parliamentary candidate Steve Platt, Doncaster’s Green Party spokesman, said the party was against fracking and I would not like to see it come to the Dearne

He said: “I would object to any such plans. Fossil fuels should be left in the ground.

“If we start digging this up that will release excess carbon emissions which will contribute to global warming.”

Mayor Ros Jones said the council has yet to be contacted by companies over fracking in the area.

She added: “With our partners across South Yorkshire we are looking at the issue and how to handle such enquiries should they come. As a borough we would need to ensure all risks and concerns in respect of environmental issues are adequately resolved to safeguard our residents.”

A spokesman for Ed Miliband said: “It’s important that legitimate environmental and safety concerns are addressed. He said: “There also needs to be a strong and robust regulatory regime and comprehensive monitoring in place so there is confidence the extraction of shale gas is safe, and ultimately that it can provide a reliable and useful source of energy.”