Volunteers wanted to help plant trees in Doncaster park

Tree-planting volunteers are being asked to gear up and gather in Doncaster to assist with planting 300 saplings in Hatfield’s Jubilee Park.

A tree planting exercise will take place at Hatfield’s Jubilee park in an attempt to beautify it.
A tree planting exercise will take place at Hatfield’s Jubilee park in an attempt to beautify it.

The volunteers are being urged to get involved by joint organizers of the plant out, The Rotary Club of Doncaster and Friends of Jubilee Park.

Two years ago a similar exercise saw 250 trees installed, 150 of which survived the scorching summer weather and are flourishing today.

People who would like to attend this environmental activity are being asked to bring people to bring sharp spades and water carriers to get them dug in around the one-mile perimeter of the green space.

Friends’ Secretary Dave Ketteridge said: “We plan to bring in some twenty varieties of hedgerow and woodland trees to help beautify the park and provide a better haven for wildlife.”

There is also a bigger picture behind the tree planting efforts – that of boosting the environment and capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

Dave added: “In addition, it is part of an international effort to capture carbon from the atmosphere.

“Science suggests that tree planting is the most effective way of combatting global warming.”

Rotary Member Peter Wyatt said: “This is part of our commitment to the local environment.

“I see the new trees most days when I walk my dog and everyone says how much they are appreciated even though they are only a few feet tall at the moment.”

The saplings are supplied free to voluntary groups by charity The Conservation Volunteers which has a base at Potteric Carr Doncaster.

The organisation hopes to distribute 300,000 trees nationally this winter. The Conservation Volunteers also functions across South Yorkshire, undertaking a range of activities in both urban and rural areas, from planting trees and wild flower meadows, to building stiles, clearing footpaths or creating new food growing projects.

They are financed by Ovo Energy as part of their commitment to becoming carbon-neutral.

The event in Doncaster will take place on Sunday, December 15 from 11 am in Hatfield’s Jubilee Park.

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