Violinist to embark on charity busk

Electric violinist Alexandra Parker.
Electric violinist Alexandra Parker.

A renowned professional violinist is getting back to her roots with a busking charity challenge spanning nine cities in five days.

Alexandra parker is continuing in her quest to raise cash for a cancer charity with the unique event that will see her complete a minimum of 24 hours busking time.

Throughout the challenge Alexandra, 24, of High Street Belton will start with just £10 and survive solely on donations over the five days, giving all profits to Cancer Research UK.

The musician who started her career by busking aged just 11 is urging residents to donate and appealing to businesses to help her out with accommodation costs over the five days.

She said: “I started my career by busking so it’s nice to be getting back to my roots.

“I think people think I’m a bit mad for doing this but I think it’s going to be an adventure and if there are hiccups along the way that will make it more fun.

“I know so many people who have been affected by cancer so I’m trying to raise as much money as I can.”

The event kicks off on Sunday July 21 in Leeds and then covers Harrogate, Middlesborough, Newcastle, Carlisle, Manchester, Sheffield, Barnsley and finishes off in Doncaster on July 25.

A blog will be available on Alexandra’s website at and residents are invited to tweet @3lectricviolin and make comment with #I’veseenAlexandra.

Money will be generated through donations at street performances, or Businesses who want to help can contact Alexandra via her website.