VIDEO: Your Doncaster, your city so let’s back the bid

Your Doncaster, Your City - that’s the slogan for the bid to make Doncaster a city in 2012.

The new logo draws on Doncaster’s important history and its exciting future.

Your Doncaster, Your City logo.

Your Doncaster, Your City logo.

And to support the bid the Free Press website features a specially commissioned video that highlights all that is good about the borough.

Doncaster Gems is a tour of some of Doncaster’s jewels from the racecourse, which has brought thousand of visitors to the town for centuries, the magnificent minster and the markets that attract shoppers from far and wide to new attractions that are putting the town on the map like the Keepmoat Stadium, the Frenchgate Centre and the Yorkshire Wildife Park.

“Doncaster has so much going for it - an important past and tremendous potential for the future - that we think puts it head and shoulders above any of the other contenders to ber made a city in 2012”, said South Yorkshire Newspapers’ editor in chief Graeme Huston.

“But this is very much a ‘people’s bid’ and we want as many locals as possible to support the bid by telling us why you love Doncaster and why you think it should be a city and sending us your messages of support, drawings and photographs which can be used as part of the bid that will be put before ministers who will be advising The Queen,” he said.

Doncaster’s bid to be made a city to mark The Queen’s diamond jubliee on the throne has already attracted some very high profile support from proud Doncastrians, including sofa king Lord Kirkham, actor Brian Blessed and war hero Ben Parkinson.

This week, the borough’s freemen - a select band of people given the Freedom of the Borough in recognition of their contribution to the borough who include charity campaigner Jeanette Fish, singer Lesley Garratt and fairground head Roger Tuby - have added their voice in support of the bid.

Chairman of the group, former Hayfield School headteacher Tony Storey, has supplied a precis of the borough’s proud history, from its founding as the Roman town of Danum, the granting of its royal charter in 1194, the racecourse and the railways that made the town’s name, right up to its present day, to submit in the bid process.

“Doncaster’s historic pedigree ought to give it a major advantage in seeking city status,” explained Mr Storey.

“Few of the contenders for city status can match Doncaster’s histroic pedigree or its ability to reinvent its rationale from medieval market town to Georgian and Regency elegance, to a railway engineering centre of national repute, to a heartland coal mining area, to a thriving industrial town to a present day focus for new logistics and distribution function and as a busy market, financial, retailing and entertainment centre.”

The new logo is to be made available in banner form so that local businesses can show their support for the bid by displaying it.

To support the city status 2012 bid, send your own photos, drawings or written submissions to us by post, facebook or twitter, see our contact details on page 20.

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