VIDEO: Thousands take to streets to ‘celebrate’ Thatcher funeral day

THOUSANDS gathered in the streets of Goldthorpe in Barnsley today to ‘celebrate’ the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Goldthorpe High Street was completely impassable for several hours on the day of the Baroness’ funeral as former miners and their families prepared to march at 2pm.

Thatcher Funeral  Goldthorpe

Thatcher Funeral Goldthorpe

At exactly the time the Baroness’ body was being led to its final resting place, the music began in Goldthorpe and a horse drawn carriage containing a mock coffin was led through the streets to cheers and chanting.

Mrs Thatcher, Britain’s first female prime minister, has been considered a hate figure by many in the region since the 1984 miners’ strikes. Her death last week, following a stroke at the age of 87, has been met with many such celebrations, particularly in this part of the country.

Many chose to dress for the occasion and carried signs reading ‘coal not dole.’

The crowd’s choice of funeral flowers said it all - red and white carnations that spelled simply ‘scab.’