VIDEO: Subscribe and get your Doncaster Free Press paper for just 71p

The price of the paper has gone up but there’s a way to get your Free Press for less.

From March 14 the price of the Free Press is 95p.

Kate Mason, Doncaster Free Press subscription promotion.

Kate Mason, Doncaster Free Press subscription promotion.

Like so many businesses in today’s economy, we face a battle against growing costs, but at 95p - less than the price of a pint of beer or a cup of coffee - we believe that your newspaper represents fantastic value for money.

But there’s also an opportunity for our loyal readers to save over 25 per cent on by taking advantage of our subscription deal, which means you actually save money on the current cover price of 95p. You would only pay 71p a copy.

We are absolutely committed to giving you the best local news service around in print and online and ensuring that we are able to provide quality journalism in our area, bringing you the local news that is not on anyone else’s agenda. South Yorkshire Newspapers’ editor-in-chief Graeme Huston said: “We will never forget that our job is to serve the community we have been part of for more than 80 years.

“Our commitment to you and your news remains stronger than ever. I feel that once you see our relaunched newspaper you will agree that we still represent great value for money.”

But you don’t have to wait until next week to take advantage and sign up to our great deal.

To subscribe, go to Subscriptions online and follow the easy, step by step, registration process. Alternatively call our subscriptions team on 0844 991 6464 or pop in to our Sunny Bar office and are staff will help you to subscribe.