VIDEO: Shocking footage shows mini-tornado hit Brit holiday hotel swimming pool

This shocking footage shows the moment a mini-tornado tore around the swimming pool of a posh hotel and sent parasols flying.

The freak weather hit the ancient town of Lindos, on Greek island Rhodes, in a matter of minutes while swimmers splashed around in a hotel pool.

The twister whips across the pool as shocked holidaymakers look on. SWNS

The twister whips across the pool as shocked holidaymakers look on. SWNS

Branches of a palm tree were blown around by the wind before a small ‘tornado’ began to speed around the surface of the water, and two parasols were buffeted around and lifted into the air.

Holidaymaker Ian Henderson, 36, was on holiday with pals to celebrate a childhood friend’s wedding and filmed the storm on his phone.

He said: “I was just sitting around enjoying the sun when I sat up and could see this thing in the pool - originally I thought it was air being blown into the water by entertainment staff.

“It was silent and suddenly got very windy at the side of the pool, a big parasole went flying.

“There were a few people in the swimming pool and people were relaxing around it.

“We were all shocked. We stood up and made sure that the youngsters were all safe. Two of the big umbrellas went up in the air and blew over.

“The umbrella took off and everybody ran for shelter.

“Within a few minutes it had all gone.”

Ian, from Helston, Cornwall, wa staying at the Lindos Imperial Hotel, on the island, known for historic ruins dating back to 280 B.C.

The 12 members of the group were all safe but were shocked by what they had seen.

The construction worker added: “Everybody was saying there was a mini tornado.

“I believe that was what it was because tornadoes are caused by a combination of hot and cold air.

“It felt blustery but it was a hot day, about 28 degrees.”

He said that ten minutes after the freak storm, maintenance staff went around checking the parasols were fixed to their bases and were safe to use.

“It shocked everyone, even staff,” Ian said. “Within a few minutes it had all gone.”