VIDEO: Protesters gather in Sheffield to oppose Syria air strikes

Over 100 campaigners staged a demonstration in Sheffield city centre today to protest against the decision taken by Parliament earlier this week to launch air strikes in Syria.

Organised by Sheffield Stop the War coalition, the demonstration that was held outside the Town Hall was one of several taking place across the country today.

Over 100 people gathered in Sheffield today to protest against air strikes being carried out against IS in Syria.

Over 100 people gathered in Sheffield today to protest against air strikes being carried out against IS in Syria.

King Edwards VII School pupil, Leo Peace, said he had attended the event because he didn't agree with 'bombing Syria'.

"I'm against the campaign because we've already seen 15 years of war on terror, we know that it doesn't do anything but perpetrate this cycle of violence," said Leo, of Nether Edge.

The 15-year-old added: "We know this doesn't work, we need to find a diplomatic solution."

Lynn Hughes, of Woodseats told The Star that she took part in the demonstration because she wanted to send a message to Prime Minister David Cameron that 'people in Sheffield are not behind him on this'.

The 47-year-old added: "We basically want to say that this war is not being done in our name.

"They tell us they've got no money to look after the NHS or for elderly people, but somehow they can afford this. It's just not right.

"And shame on the Labour MPs who voted for the airstrikes."

British warplanes carried out air strikes against Islamic State in Syria on Thursday, hours after the historic vote was made in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

British Typhoon fighters have since been deployed for the first time in the mission to defeat Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Two Typhoons and two Tornado jets were sent from the British military base RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus on a combat mission yesterday.

MPs voted by 397 to 223 in favour of extending British action to quash IS from Iraq into its Syrian strongholds - a majority of 174.

Some 66 Labour MPs voted with the government while seven Conservatives opposed the plans for military action.

Commenting afterwards, Mr Cameron said: " I believe the House has taken the right decision to keep the UK safe - military action in Syria as one part of a broader strategy."