VIDEO: Police seal off Town Fields after sex assault

Part of Town Fields remains sealed off by police following reports of a sex assault on a woman.

Officers with sniffer dogs have been scouring the fields and a bench in the middle of the park has been taped off.

The scene of the alleged assault on Town Fields.

The scene of the alleged assault on Town Fields.

A police van is guarding the scene, a short distance from Town Field Primary School and a nearby play area.

South Yorkshire Police were called in after allegations were made of an assault at around 1am this morning.

Local dog walker, Barry Dennis, of Town Moor said: “I saw the police down here early on this morning but I didn’t see or hear anything last night. It is quite a distance from any houses so I don’t know what has happened.”

The cordon has been placed around a park bench and litter bin, with a single beer can visible near the bin.

A woman, who declined to be named, said: “It is very worrying because it is quite near to the school. I suppose with the weather being nice yesterday there would have been a lot of people out on the fields.”

Investigations are continuing.