VIDEO: One hour to escape a locked room in Doncaster town centre - could you do it?

If you've taken a stroll through Doncaster town centre recently, you may have been intrigued by a mysterious doorway.

Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 11:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:03 pm
Darren Burke and his son Luc failed to escape.

Situated at the top of Hall Gate, a green, white and black banner, adorned with question marks carries the intriguing mantra "60 MINUTES TO ESCAPE" with a doorway leading inside where brave souls can climb the stairs and discover the mysterious delights within.

Welcome then to the Enigma Rooms, one of Doncaster's newest tourist attractions and which has been puzzling, confusing and baffling people of all ages ever since its opening.

Claire and Nick are behind the Enigma Rooms.

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The Enigma Rooms is a series of "live escape rooms" - lavishly decorated sets where those with an enquiring mind can put their old grey matter to the test with an array of baffling challenges and that challenge - can you get out within an hour?

The brainchild of Nick Granger and partner Claire Brooks, the unspectacular building, located above a bed shop, hosts three separate rooms, each with its own theme and a series of puzzles and challenges within.

Participants are locked inside and then have an hour to crack the codes and make their way to freedom.

Said Nick, 38: "The idea to set up this kind of place in Doncaster came to me a couple of years ago.

The couple have welcomed scores of players to the Enigma Rooms since its opening.

"We'd gone out with some friends in Manchester for a meal and afterwards they said "do you fancy doing something else" and we ended up going to an escape room. I was totally hooked and that was that. I've been obsessed with them ever since."

The rooms have quickly spread to the UK and Europe after first taking off in America and now Doncaster is discovering their delights for the first time.

So after months of painstaking research, devising the rooms and puzzles and decorating them so they look the part, the pair have already welcomed players of all ages to sample the games and delights within.

The Enigma Rooms currently has three games - the Clueless Detective Agency, Ward 13 and Hostage - but Nick is reluctant to release too many details of each game to avoid spoiling the surprises for players and to help keep the puzzles fresh for those playing for the first time.

Claire and Nick are behind the Enigma Rooms.

Added Nick: "The response has been fantastic. We've had people coming from Doncaster but also from much further afield to play.

"It seems that lots of people appear to be quite happy to be bundled into a locked room and then left to get out!," he joked.

"Escape rooms are extremely addictive," he said. "Once you've played one, you tend to get bitten by the bug and want to play more."

The rooms must have a minimum of two players and a maximum of six and need to be booked in advance.

The couple have welcomed scores of players to the Enigma Rooms since its opening.

He said: "They are great for family fun, for colleagues wanting to do team building challenges or friends wanting to do something a bit different. We've had people booking all the rooms at the same time just to see which team can escape first."

Bravely, I tackled the Clueless Detective Agency with my 12-year-old son Luc. Without giving too much away, we managed to live up to the name on the door - and failed to escape the room within the allotted hour - although we were within a whisker of turning the key and making good our escape.

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