VIDEO: New £500,000 trampoline park opens in Doncaster

Ths is the first glimpse of a new £500,000 trampoline park in Doncaster which has just bounced onto the town's entertainment scene.

Go Bounce has already welcomed its first visitors after opening its doors earlier this month.

Go Bounce has opened in Doncaster.

Go Bounce has opened in Doncaster.

The trampoline park, which has created work for 200 people, is from the team behind the town's successful indoor play centre Astrabound.

The state-of-the-art indoor trampoline park at Shaw Lane industrial estate includes a series of fun bouncing zones with interconnecting flat and angled trampolines for children to bounce on as well as games and competitive features such as dodgeball, slamdunk and parkour to provide fun and exercise for all ages.

Up to 70 bouncers an hour are able to use the indoor play centre which also has refreshement facilities and parking.

Spokesman Shaun Wilson said: "We have always believed in investing in our business and keeping it fresh and Go Bounce will give the local community another great indoor play centre to enjoy whilst also bringing an economic boost to the region."

Astrabound, the Crompton Road indoor play centre, has attracted thousands of children from across the country since opening in 2008.

Shaun added: “We intend to make the first few months of Go Bounce a celebration and as with Astrabound, we look forward to creating many happy times for so many people, young and old, to look back on with wonderful memories.

"People from around the world will be able to come and see what we can offer and see the products in action and that will boost sales."