VIDEO: Mystery '˜explosion' rocks Doncaster in middle of night '“ did you hear anything?

A Doncaster man has captured on camera the aftermath of what he says was a massive mystery '˜explosion' which rocked Doncaster in the middle of the night and woke him from his sleep.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 11 October, 2018, 12:57

Cameron William-Andrews said he was woken shortly after 1.30am this morning at his home in Armthorpe by '˜an explosive sound.'

Racing out of bed to his bedroom window, he filmed a hazy glow in the distance above nearby houses and street lights.

The footage was shot in Armthorpe shortly after 1.30am this morning.

In the clip, Cameron can be heard telling the camera: 'So I've just woken up to this massive bang'¦.everywhere is pitch black but over there there's like'¦.,' before trailing off.

'It's pitch black everywhere,' he adds. 'What's going what's that?,' he says as the camera zooms in on an orange glow in the distance.

'What the hell?'

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He described the incident as 'an extremely loud explosion in Armthorpe.'

'Not a clue what it is but i got some video of two strange bright lights.'

The clip, filmed at 1.37am, was shot from his house in Edward Road.

There have been no reports of major fires or explosions in Doncaster at that time last night.

Did you see or hear anything at that time? Let us know.