VIDEO – It’s hair today, gone tomorrow for Doncaster’s Tom, aged 10 – and he did it all for mum!

Hallowe’en was truly hair raising for young Tom Fergie, aged 10.

Indeed it was such shear horror he lost his hair – and at the same raised £300 for a charity dedicated to the disease his mum suffers from.

Tom, from Barnby Dunn, raised the charity cash with a sponsored hair cut at Donny’s coolest salon – Anarchy on Priory Place,

“It was all Tom’s idea,” said proud mum Lynne Agacy, who suffers from Crohn’s disease. “He came up with it in the summer but we thought we’d wait a bit and let his hair get a little bit longer.

“I’m really touched by what he’s done – I have suffered quite badly from Crohn’s – I was down to seven and a half stone at one point – it is a very uncomfortable disease.

“I’m very proud that Tom wanted to raise some money to help out – he’s done a fantastic job.”

Hairdresser Tracey Grayson, who wielded the scissors, said: “Tom was great – very brave. He’s pretty much been the perfect customer.

And Tom added: “I feel much lighter without my hair – but I’m not sure if I like it yet!”