VIDEO: ‘Get a move on’ plea to build Old Denaby railway bridge

Railway bosses have been urged to get a move on with plans for a sloped bridge over a busy railway amid concerns disabled people will be cut off from nearby communities.

Network Rail was forced to close the Ferryboat Lane pedestrian level crossing in Old Denaby last month following reports of children playing ‘chicken’ with high-speed trains on the line.

Ferryboat Lane level crossing in old Denaby is set to close.

Ferryboat Lane level crossing in old Denaby is set to close.

There is a stepped bridge over the tracks but the closure of the foot crossing means there is now no place for wheelchair-users to cross.

Railway bosses are working on a plan to build a fully-accessible bridge for disabled people but they have been urged to complete the work quickly by Mexborough councillor Andy Pickering.

He said: “They were right to close the crossing. People were risking their lives. But now they must hurry up with this new bridge. It will have to go through planning which takes long enough so they should make sure they get the blueprints sorted as soon as possible.

“The crossing is on a long footpath which connects Old Denaby to Mexborough. While it is out of operation, people with wheelchairs will struggle to get across. We don’t want it going on for months after month.”

Network Rail said they had sent letters out to people in the locality to ask if they would require any help to get across.

A spokesman said they “would not leave anyone stranded” and would work to help people with access on a “case by case basis.”

He added: “We cannot provide definite timescales for the installation of the fully accessible bridge at this time, as the project is in its early days, and there are several steps we need to take.

“However, we are working on these plans, as quickly as is feasibly possible, to get a fully accessible bridge in place. In the meantime, we are happy to help residents who are not able to use the stepped bridge with alternative ways across the railway, and will do this on an individual basis, following the letter-drop.”