VIDEO:Flash floods surge through Epworth

A river of rainwater ran through Epworth town centre last week, when flash floods hit the area again.

The Isle stayed mostly flood-free, but surface water along Epworth’s High Street on Friday afternoon amassed quickly.

North Lincolnshire Council Logo

North Lincolnshire Council Logo

The fast flow made driving conditions dire for 30 minutes or so.

High Street newsagent Stewart Prill said inconsiderate motorists ploughed through the water and sent waves towards his shop door. He stood with a broom, sweeping away the water as it swelled towards the shop.

Other premises suffered slight flooding.

North Lincolnshire Council helped traders with some flood prevention devices a year ago, but these were not sufficient to stop water entering shops altogether.

There was no comment from the council about this month’s floods, or the likely cause.

Epworth man Michail Harm caught the action on camera.

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