VIDEO: Fans' anger after shambolic Doncaster gig by US rock band ends in chaos amid drink and drug rumours

A sell-out Doncaster gig by a multi-million selling US rock band ended in chaos - with upset fans accusing the lead singer of being high on drink and drugs on stage.

Wednesday, 23rd March 2016, 9:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd March 2016, 12:27 pm
Angry fans flick V-signs at Puddle Of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin during the chaotic Diamond Live Lounge concert.


500 fans had packed into the Diamond Live Lounge on Wood Street for last night's gig by American rockers Puddle Of Mudd - but the concert ended in disarray when lead singer Wes Scantlin walked off stage just a few songs into the set.

Wes Scantlin of Puddle Of Mudd was pictured inside a coffin at town centre pub Cask Corner shortly ahead of the disastrous concert. (Photo: Lucille Wardley).

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Video has emerged of the singer being booed, jeered and sworn at by outraged fans during the show.

The singer, who has been repeatedly been arrested and has endured numerous personal problems during his musical career, was blasted on social media by fans after the concert, with many accusing him of being drunk and high on drugs.

One eyewitness said: "It was an absolute shambles. He was walking on and of stage and was talking about being high on crack cocaine.

"He was telling stories but was incomprehensible and staggering around slurring. People were just walking out saying what a mess he was and how bad the concert had been."

Puddle of Mudd live on stage at Diamond Live Lounge with Wes Scantlin (right). (Photo: Robin Burns).

The gig by the band, best known for 2001 hit Blurry which hit the UK top ten, had been lauded by the Diamond Live Lounge as a coup for the venue.

Ahead of Tuesday night's concert, owner Dominic Gibbs said: “We are extremely proud but not surprised that the venue has sold out for this gig. Puddle of Mudd come with a successful history and were a household name in the 2000’s. As soon as we announced this gig, social media platforms went crazy and I think we sold over half the allocated tickets within the first fortnight."

However, fans blasted the group after the concert turned into a shambles after starting late and descending into farce.

Writing on the venue's Facebook page, Willow Gunn wrote: "Left a few songs into their set... he was off his face. Incoherent and the sound was shocking... seriously wasted my money!

Wes Scantlin of Puddle Of Mudd was pictured inside a coffin at town centre pub Cask Corner shortly ahead of the disastrous concert. (Photo: Lucille Wardley).

Sam Gambles wrote: "I travelled from Carlisle just to see Wes off his f****** head. Wasted my time and money. His bands members need a medal if he acts like this every f***** show.

Matt Wilkinson added: "Really disappointed with this gig. Painful to watch, left four songs in but sounds like I didn't miss much after that."

The singer had earlier posed for photos inside a coffin at nearby bar Cask Corner - but according to some had been refused more drinks ahead of the concert.

However, some fans enjoyed the fiasco and Alan Chan wrote: "Gotta be honest here, watching an on stage meltdown and complete anarchy with two fans raiding the stage to sing the rest of the last song was genuinely worth my money; no seriously!"

Puddle of Mudd live on stage at Diamond Live Lounge with Wes Scantlin (right). (Photo: Robin Burns).

Fiona Stephenson said: "Very sad about Wes though, real shame he's got himself into a bit of a mess. Making a bad decision doesn't make you a bad person and somebody should help him.

Keith Leggott added: "Puddle of Mudd need to cancel the rest of the tour and get Wes into rehab before it's too late. That bloke needs help."

Jibs Ellis also tweeted: "Puddle of Mudd was painful to watch tonight, lead singer was that smashed he couldn't remember his songs and had to sit down #SayNoToDrugs."

Lead singer Scantlin has never been far from controversy during his career.

In 2002, he and his then fiance actress Michelle Rubin were both arrested for allegations of domestic violence after witnesses reported seeing the couple fighting on the side of a motorway.

During a 2004 show in Ohio, Scantlin took the stage but after only four songs admitted to the audience that he was too intoxicated to continue and after hurling objects at the audience was arrested. Additional charges were brought after he repeatedly spat on the windows in the back of the police van he was been transported in.

In 2007, he was banned from Graceland for swimming in an off limits pool while touring the facilities and in 2012 was in trouble again over unpaid taxes.

Later the same year he was arrested on a flight for being intoxicated with the aircraft being forced to make an emergency landing.

The following year, he was arrested on domestic violence charges while in April 2014, he had an onstage meltdown at a show in Dallas where he attempted to attack the audience.

In January 2015 he was arrested at Denver International Airport for riding on the baggage carousel and ending up in the restricted area and months later was arrested again and charged for disorderly conduct at an airport in Wisconsin.

A riot occured at a show in June 2015 after the audience accused Scantlin of being intoxicated while the following month he was arrested after a high speed car chase of more than 100mph.

Further arrests followed in August 2015 for drink-driving, drug possession in December 2015 and in January this year he was nabbed again for destroying a house he formerly lived in.

Later the same month, he interrupted a song mid-concert to accuse an audience member of stealing his house, before leaving the stage.

The Diamond Live Lounge has been contacted for a statement regarding the concert.