VIDEO: Epworth children have a swimming lesson with a difference thanks to Puddle Ducks

Normally, before you visit the swimming pool you make sure you have your swim wear.

But, children in Epworth have left their swim wear at home and are going in the pool in their pyjamas - all to raise money for charity.

Puddle Ducks pyjama party where, babies are being taught to swim with their clothes on. Picture: Andrew Roe

Puddle Ducks pyjama party where, babies are being taught to swim with their clothes on. Picture: Andrew Roe

12 children attend two half an hour lessons at Epworth swimming pool, Burnham Road, run by local baby and toddler swimming company, Puddle Ducks.

They attended the unusual pyjama party to raise money for the Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury.

During the lesson, children, parents and grandparents were taught vital life-saving skills, like how to swim in clothes.

Nicola, who owns Puddle Ducks, Doncaster, said: “The Children’s Trust works to improve and save the lives of children all over the UK, which is what we’re ultimately working towards too.

“Each term we hold a pyjama party where we have a real focus on fun, but there’s a serious message behind it. Being in water in clothes helps children to realise how it could feel if they got into trouble while out playing.

“In a controlled environment in a pool they can learn how to cope with this situation, so if it unfortunately happened out there in the real world, they’d be more equipped to deal with it.”

“Being able to raise money for The Children’s Trust at the same time really is the icing on the cake.

“People were a bit confused about bringing their pyjamas, but they enjoyed the different sensation of having their clothes on in the water.

“You can move your arms and legs in water, but it’s a lot more difficult and I think people really appreciated that.”

Last October during Pyjama Week Puddle Ducks, which run classes all across the country, raised £22,500 for The Children’s Trust, an amount which they are hoping to beat this year.

Although it is too soon to know now how much was raised nationally, Puddle Ducks Doncaster raised a total of £682.00.

Puddle Ducks run classes for up ten babies, toddlers or children at any time.

Their award-winning teachers teach those of all ages and abilities.

Nicola set up the Doncaster branch in April, but she said the party was a success as she intends to run another one.

For more information, including class timetables and availability of swimming lessons, visit