VIDEO: Doncaster YouTube "megastar" who went to school with Louis Tomlinson to feature on X-Factor final this weekend

A YouTube "megastar" from Doncaster who went to school with One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is to feature on the final smash hit ITV show The X-Factor this weekend.

Thursday, 8th December 2016, 12:12 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:33 pm
Doncaster YouTube star Just Jodes will appear on The X-Factor this weekend.

WATCH JUST JODES SINGING MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE HEREThe local internet sensation Just Jodes will be seen by millions of viewers tuning in for this weekend's ITV show - performing her own rendition of Shakin' Stevens' Merry Christmas Everyone.

Just Jodes, who has 130,000 fans on YouTube, 31,000 Twitter followers and 73,000 Instagram fans will appear during the ad breaks for the second time this series, performing exclusively on TalkTalk’s FX Star app.

X Factor sponsors TalkTalk have launched the app which allows fans to create their own videos and tar on national TV. Building on the growing popularity of filters, X Factor fans can now overlay animated filters on their image as they sing along to hit songs.

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David Parslow, marketing director at TalkTalk commented: “The TalkTalk X Factor ad breaks have become so iconic to the point where they’re almost synonymous with the show.

"This year’s FX Star is fun, current and entertaining. Like The X Factor, it celebrates the feel good moments that bring people together and is a chance for our customers, and fans of the show, to enjoy sharing and showcasing their inner pop star.”

Jodes, who went to school with The X Factor and One Direction star Louis Tomlinson said: “I love The X Factor because music is my biggest passion and I actually sing myself, I would definitely love to go down that career route in the future!

"I love discovering new songs and rediscovering old favourites too, which is why I like tuning into the show each week as there’s always a good mix of chart tracks and classic anthems."

"My family and friends all love the show too - it’s great to chat about who we’d like to win and sit and watch it together! I’m super excited to see myself in the FX Star ads, it was so much fun to film and the TalkTalk X Factor ad breaks are such an iconic part of the show!”

Like Jodes anyone can star on TV, all fans need to do is download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play, select a filter, choose their track and hit record.