VIDEO: Doncaster shop’s Swinging Sixties day

Staff at a Doncaster shop had a cool and cosmic day with a groovy and far out sixties and seventies themed day.

Employees from the British Red Cross shop in Hall Gate donned garish and outlandish garb from the decades and listened to music from the era throughout the day as part of fundraising for the charity’s annual week.

60s and 70s day at the British Red Cross shop.

60s and 70s day at the British Red Cross shop.

Store manager Sue Sowerby said: “We wanted to do something fun to raise awareness of the shop and also the work we do and that the British Red Cross does.
“We are a little bit out of people’s minds at the top of town so we wanted to do something to get people interested.”

“Our shop is vital for Doncaster and it helps people locally and internationally.”

Sue, who has been in charge of the shop for 18 years, also made a presentation to volunteer Tamvi Khetan who has been recognised as one of the charity’s young fundraisers of the year for her fundraising and volunteering efforts.

She added: “People like Tamvi are the lifeblood of the shop and what the charity is about. We are always in need of donations if people want to drop items off.”

“Fun events like this are a great way of getting people interested in what we do.”