VIDEO: Doncaster residents’ Facebook page marks 30th anniversary of mines dispute

Thousands of people have shown their support for a web page to expose the struggle of former pit workers during the miners’ strike 30 years ago.

A Facebook page entitled 30th Anniversary of the Miners Strike has received more than 10,000 ‘likes’ from fellow users just two weeks after it was formed.

The page has been created by former Askern miner Mel Hepworth and Thorne woman Mary Jackson, formerly of Women Against Pit Closures, as a way for ex-miners to share memories and news about investigations into the authorities’ conduct during the dispute.

Mr Hepworth, 50, who now works as a teacher, said: “I just put it up there because we are entering the 30th year anniversary and I didn’t expect such a huge response.

“I think it shows the strength of feeling that people still have in this area and further afield for what happened.

“I had my 21st birthday on the picket line and it is something which never goes away for many people.”

Since launching the site a number of former Doncaster miners’ have shared old photographs of the struggle.

Mr Hepworth has also arranged to meet members of the Orgreave Truth and Justice campaign, with a view to working together to seek answers over police conduct during the 1984 ‘Battle of Orgreave’.

He said: “If anything this site will spark debate in what is an important year. We need to keep the issue alive so certain people don’t get away with what happened.”

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