Video: Doncaster actor shared the screen with George Clooney

A rising star from Doncaster has spoken about rubbing shoulders with George Clooney on the set of one of his latest films.

Richard Crehan, of Scawthorpe, said it was his career highlight so far to share the screen with Mr Clooney in World War Two movie The Monuments Men.

Richard Crehan on the set of This is Vanity, which airs on Channel Four on December 2.

Richard Crehan on the set of This is Vanity, which airs on Channel Four on December 2.

The 24-year-old said: “I was very lucky to work on this film. I took on the small role of a British private, with just one scene and a handful of lines. I shared the screen with Mr Clooney himself and we exchanged dialogue in the film, which was a highlight of my career so far.”

Richard added: “I actually spent the day with him and John Goodman on location in southern Germany. It was very strange because I was taken from my hotel in Berlin to this huge World War Two film set.

“I was sat in my trailer and George Clooney’s trailer was next door. We got introduced and he introduced himself as George - like I didn’t know! We had a chat and it was very, very surreal.”

Richard, who is based at home in Scawthorpe but spends time flitting between sets in London and other cities, was encouraged to study acting at school and did a National Diploma at High Melton College. He trained for two years at a London acting school and has been acting as often as he can ever since.

His latest project is a thriller called Residue, which is being filmed in Leeds and stars the likes of Natalie Tena (Harry Potter), Iwan Rhoen (Misfits) and Danny Webb (Sherlock Holmes).

You can next catch him on the small screen on December 2, when he plays a lead role in a film called This is Vanity on Channel Four.

He said: “It has been accepted for consideration at BAFTA for best short film, so we are over the moon with that. It’ll be quite late at night because of the very strong content but please tune in!”

Watch the video above to see Richard throwing a petrol bomb on set of one of his latest flicks.