VIDEO: Day In The Life campaign to encourage more foster carers in Doncaster

Promoted by Trust Fostering

A Day In The Life campaign to encourage more 'hidden hero' foster carers like Julie and Dave Bostock has been launched n Doncaster.

Julie and Dave modestly say they are not after recognition and the role itself is their reward. But they are amongst those taking part. by telling their stories, to inspire others to sign up - watch their video message below or CLICK HERE.

For more and to become a foster carer call 0808 129 2600, visit, check out, on Twitter see @TrustFostering and @DN_Child. Look for hashtags #TrustFostering and #proudtobegood.

The campaign, describing foster carers as hidden heroes of the community, celebrates the work of Trust Fostering, the fostering service run by Doncaster Children’s Services Trust (DCST), and a national Mockingbird scheme - an alternative method of delivering foster care.

Mockingbird improves placement stability, safety and permanency for children and young people in care, while retaining foster carers and increasing protective factors around children through an extended network of family support. For more see the video at the top of this page.

Julie said: “Over our time providing foster care we have had the chance to help very vulnerable children to blossom and learn to trust again; giving them a loving and caring family and a supportive home.

“We don’t do this for recognition, but want to let people know what being a foster carer is like and encourage others to come forward and take up the incredibly rewarding role.

“If you’re thinking about fostering, please give it a go. Every child deserves to live in a caring and loving home; you could be the difference in their life.”

Trust Fostering hope its foster carers, like Julie and Dave, will inspire others to follow in their footsteps and make a difference to children and young people in the town.

The campaign aims to show the diversity of foster families and the reality of being a foster carer.

Julie and Dave Bostock, who joined Trust Fostering, telling their story to encourage more foster carers in Doncaster

Julie and Dave Bostock, who joined Trust Fostering, telling their story to encourage more foster carers in Doncaster

Paul Moffat, DCST Chief Executive, says people from all backgrounds can become great carers, regardless of marital status, sexuality, race or religion.

He said those interested need a spare bedroom, an enthusiastic and passionate attitude and the time and patience for dealing with children and young people. Trust Fostering provides 24/7 support, extensive training and competitive rates.

Mr Moffat said: “Although as a Trust we celebrate the contributions of our foster carers, we feel very strongly that they deserve even more recognition and time in the limelight. After all, our carers give children and young people the support and kindness they need to grow up as happy and healthy as possible.

“This campaign aims to share their stories in their words; sharing the ups and downs of foster care and hopefully encouraging other likeminded members of the public to consider opening up their home to a child or young person who needs it.”

DCST, the first of its kind in the country, is an independent organisation set up to deliver social care and support services to children, young people and families in the borough. It provides services, following an agreement with national government and the local authority. Recently DCST was rated Good by Ofsted, More at