VIDEO: Controversy over Swinton housing plan

Residents fear proposals for a new housing development in Swinton will lead to a ‘parking and traffic nightmare’ for residents on the surrounding streets.

Rotherham Council has earmarked the land occupied by the former Swinton Swimming Pool and Swinton Neighbourhood Office as an area for potential redevelopment.

Councillor Ken Wyatt.

Councillor Ken Wyatt.

The authority has produced blueprints showing how up to 50 new homes could be built in the site, off Charnwood Street.

But residents claim the scheme could lead to a traffic build up because it is proposed to build on a car park which served the former baths and council offices.

Retired steelworker Trevor Gray, 71, of Highcliffe Drive, said: “The car park already there is always very busy.

“Build on that and add in more homes and it could cause a real parking nightmare. People could end up parking over on Queen Street, a main road, where the traffic is already bad because of cars parked either side.”

But Swinton councillor Ken Wyatt said he would like to see the site sold off, adding: “I would like to see some quality redevelopment in this area.”

The plans were revealed as part of the authority’s Local Plan, which sets out the sites the council has identified for potential housing development over the next 15 years.

A council spokesman said: “The Local Plan consultation has now ended and we are still considering all options based on what the members of the public who attended the sessions have told us. Nothing yet is set in stone.”