VIDEO: "Asteroids" spotted in skies over Doncaster

This is the moment a local astronomer claims to have spotted two asteroids in the skies above Doncaster.

Monday, 26th September 2016, 11:12 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:06 pm
Are these asteroids above Doncaster? (Photo: YouTube).

The video footage, uploaded to video sharing website YouTube, appears to show the mysterious objects streaking through the night sky - although it is not clear exactly where the footage was shot.

The 47-second clip shows several white trials against a dark blue sky and according to the title of the clip, was filmed in Doncaster last night.

The video, entitled "September 25th 2016 NIBIRU 12 ASTROIDS Doncaster UK" was shared online by user Matthew Rogers who wrote: "l went to Doncaster UK last night and couldn't see much as the cloads (sic) formed above me very thick.

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"But l spotted two Astroids (sic) on film with leaving the camcorder rolling !!!!

"The footage is short as the rest was just thick chemcloads!!!!! (sic) I ask myself why chemtrail the sky?? Injoy (sic) the footage and respect to you all !!!! These are astroids as planes leave contrails and chemtrails!"

Asteroids are rocks which orbit the sun and are sometimes known as planetoids or minor planets.

They can vary greatly in size - some are as small as ten metres in diameter while others stretch out over hundreds of kilometres.

What do you think? Are these asteroids in the skies above Doncaster?