VIDEO AND PICTURES: Reports of ‘car chase’ in which bus was hit in Sheffield suburb 

A bus is reported to have been hit during what residents are calling a car chase through the streets of Sheffield this evening. 

Pictures emerged showing three police cars in Darnall Road, close to the junction with Price of Wales Road, in Darnall at about 4.20pm.  

Police at the scene.

Police at the scene.

South Yorkshire Police has not yet released any details but witnesses on Facebook claimed there had been a car chase in which a bus was hit by a vehicle. 

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Jacqueline Naylor said: “Saw it. Car chase, never seen anything like it in my life.”



Debbie Nuttall added that her partner was “driving the bus that was hi” by a vehicle.

She added: “Driver and passengers all okay. The bus came off worse.”

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We have contacted South Yorkshire Police asking for information and will update this story as and when we receive details.