Vandalism blamed for 30mph and 40mph signs at SAME place on Doncaster road

The signs in Woodfield Way, Balby. (Photo: Becky Fowler).
The signs in Woodfield Way, Balby. (Photo: Becky Fowler).

Vandals have been blamed for altering signs on a Doncaster road so that motorists were told that the limit was 30mph and 40mph at the SAME spot.

A photo showed signs on Woodfield Way, Balby with one on the left of the road with the limit set at 40mph - while on the right hand side, a sign showed the limit at 30mph.

But a Doncaster Council spokesman said the confusion had been caused by vandalism and the signs had now been restored.

Lee Garrett, Head of Waste and Highways Infrastructure, said: “Unfortunately this is an act of vandalism, where someone has turned a sign around to cause confusion to road users.

"The sign has been turned around again to display the correct speed limits for the section of road.”

The speed limit inside the estate is 30mph while for those leaving the area, the limit is 40mph.