‘Urgent’ review call after fire chiefs’ strike overtime row


Fire authority chiefs will be urged to undertake an ‘urgent’ review of procedures in January after a controversey over strike overtime payments.

It was revealed earlier this year that South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue had paid out £42,000 to three senior fire officers during 2013 fire strikes.

An independent investigation has found the payments were ‘lawful’ although they ‘lacked transparency.’

Now the audit committee of the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority has made recommendations to be considered by the authority at its next full meeting on January 4

The suggestions include ‘an urgent and thorough review of the authority’s decision-making process’, standard overtime claim forms, guidance for officers, various extra records and that the policy of making overtime payments to senior officers during strikes is void until debated as a matter of policy. It is also recommended that the officers are are’ asked to consider on a voluntary basis the repaying of these payments.’