URGENT APPEAL: The rescue dog, hit by a car in the Isle, has been spotted

Missing dog.
Missing dog.

Further to our reports about a missing rescue dog which was hit by a car earlier in the week, he has been sighted in Owston Ferry this morning.

This dog was originally missing from North Street in the village and was being fostered.

The owner said: "I was putting him into the car when his lead slipped out of my hand, he ran into the road on North Street and got hit by a car he then got up and bolted.

"He didn't appear badly injured rather he was dragged by his lead by the car.

"I am gutted as he is in my care and it's very wet and cold out there. He is a tall Collie X rough coated white with tri colouring."

Bells columnist Anita Marsh said she had seen the dog by St Martin's Church this morning: "He looked shattered and terrified. They are apparently putting a dog crate out to try and catch him.

"He has part of a chain lead hanging from him."

The owner added: "If anyone spots him be aware he is very nervous and will run. He won't bite he has a lovely nature. He is microchipped. and castrated. Just praying he is safe somewhere.Please contact me on 07831358966 or 01427 728168 if you have any information."