Twitter war '˜succeeds' in delivering contest for South Yorkshire fighter

Dave Allen's on-line campaign to arrange a fight with '˜body-snatcher' Dillian Whyte appears to have been a success.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 7:08 am
Updated Thursday, 19th May 2016, 7:16 am
Dave Allen

The Conisbrough heavyweight has been taunting Brixton-based Whyte - who was stopped by Anthony Joshua last December - on Twitter.

Now Allen states he can “99.9 per cent confidently say me and Whyte will happen this side of September - Twitter will be a quieter place while we get into training”.

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Allen admits it’s time to “back up” his talk on social media.

But Jamaican-born Whyte has derided Allen’s threat, telling IFL TV: “Allen ain’t no heat for me - he is a little mosquito flying around trying to get little sucks of blood.

“He knows I am a higher profile-fighter than him.

“He wants to prove himself and make a bit of money. If he wants to get his head bashed in and make £20,000 or whatever Eddie [Hearn, promoter] is going to pay him... this dude doesn’t have to call me out.

“I will fight this dude any day of the week any time - if he wants it, he can have it.

“Put the dosh on the table, make sure the deal is financially right for me.

This guy is going to be no trouble for me - I am not going to lose any stress over this guy. Who is he? This guy is a joke. He needs to calm himself down.

“If he wants it, I will smash his head in.

“He is trying to shine a light on his career. He is creating a buzz around him. But I am the wrong guy for that. I will smash him to pieces.”

Allen says he has enjoyed the online slanging match: “I had to Google what a mosquito was,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’m not really bothered what he says because the bottom line is he says he wants the fight and it is surely going to happen now.

“I hope he’s not expecting a mosquito, because mosquitoes buzz around. I’m not a mosquito, I’m a huge white rhino.

“I’m going to be hungry to take his head off” he said, but added: “I’ve got a lot of respect for Dillian.

“He’s possibly a world-class fighter.”

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