'˜Twaddle' talked about lamp posts costly error

I can't believe my eyes and ears ... fifty thousand '“ possibly more '“ pounds on lamp posts!

Monday, 20th August 2018, 2:43 pm
Updated Monday, 20th August 2018, 2:50 pm
fifty thousand possibly more pounds on lamp posts!

But, hey ho, it’s an error, we are dealing with human beings. Twaddle!

For a cash-strapped council, they are generous in forgiveness of their own faults. The responsible person has probably now got a promotion and a pay rise.

This generosity doesn’t apply to us all. You make an error and miss a payment of Council Tax and they will, most likely, hound you to your grave to get it.

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Streamlining could claim back the lamp money. Do we need an elected Mayor, Civic Mayor and a CEO. In my view, the elected Mayor or the CEO needs to go, one or other could cover both roles.

Now, on another note, I have recently had dealings with a lady who experienced issues and abuse in the Nether Hall Road area.

She complained by mail to Rosie Winterton MP, who has been very proactive in finding answers, and the Police Commissioner, who took weeks to respond.

Well he is a busy man. But, guess what, he claims he is not responsible for The operational procedures of SY Police. At an 80k a year salary, he needs to be responsible for something!

Ask yourself, do we need him? The Chief Constable can do his job and probably better. The powers that dictate our daily lives need to get a grip before the man on the street takes to the streets.

Anarchy and nationalism is waiting on the sidelines. From Government down, you have been warned!

Bill Morrison