TV role for teenager in CBBC drama as talented Doncaster triplets make their name

Liverpool had the McGanns. London had the Redgraves. Now Doncaster has the Hoylands!

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 09:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 09:02 am
Above from left to right: Tamara Hoyland, Kelton Hoyland, and Tia Hoyland at sixth form formal.

Triplets Kelton, Tamara and Tia Hoyland have been turning heads on stage in the borough for the last few years '“ and now one of the talented trio is making a name for himself on the small screen.

The 18-year-olds, from Scawthorpe, first started appearing on stage together when they started at Don Valley Academy six years ago. And after being bitten by the acting bug, they started attending the Doncaster based Elite Theatre Arts stage school.

Above from left to right: Tamara Hoyland, Kelton Hoyland, and Tia Hoyland at sixth form formal.

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Tamara and Tia plan to use acting as a hobby rather than a career '“ but Kelton wants to make it as an actor and had already landed his first professional role on the television.

Earlier this year, he landed a role on the CBBC show The Dumping Ground, the show which has followed on from Tracy Beaker.

After having his first appearance broadcast earlier this year, his initial role was so successful that they have called him back in for his character to appear again.

Above from left to right: Tamara Hoyland, Kelton Hoyland, and Tia Hoyland in Aladdin production (ETA)

Kelton plays a character called Brandon, a teenage boxer with a crush on one of the main characters in the show, which is set in a children's home.

He is combining his work with his studies at Manchester School of Theatre, where he started a few weeks ago on an acting course.

Tia is currently applying for jobs in entertainment and hopes to work doing singing and dancing on a holiday camp. The third of the acting triplets, Tamara, has just started a teacher training degree in Lincoln.

Mum Tracy Hoyland ,aged 53, has been following all three on stage ever since they first started. 

Kelton Hoyland in Les Miserables, Doncaster Little Theatre production.

She said: 'Before they were born, I thought we were having twins. When it turned out we had triplets, me and my husband, Chris, looked at each other and couldn't speak '“ it was quite a shock!

'We already had a daughter, Paige, so we suddenly had four children. We had to get the house extended, and we sold the normal family saloon to get a seven-seater people carrier.

'The triplets all started doing drama aged 12 at Don Valley School, and started going to ETA three years ago together.

'They may be triplets, but they are three different personalities. They are all really good actors, but it's only Kelton who wants to do it professionally

Kelton Hoyland playing Brandon in The Dumping Ground

'He's done an episode of The Dumping Ground, and he's going back to the North East to film another.

'He's also going to be in the pantomime at the Doncaster Little Theatre this year, playing the dame.

'The three of them have done lots of productions at the Little Theatre.

'The first time I saw them all together was when they performed Twelfth Night, the Shakespeare play, at the Leeds Playhouse, with their school as part of a Shakespeare schools festival. All three were brilliant and I was so proud.'

It is only the triplets who have the acting bug. Neither Tracy nor Chris have been involved in the theatre. Older sister Paige, a midwife, has stayed clear of drama.

And if the television crews come knocking for Tia and Tamara?

Tia admits she would give it a go!