Truants targeted in latest crackdown on Doncaster estate

An operation has been launched to target youngsters on the streets of Edlington who should be at school.

Friday, 20th October 2017, 9:10 am
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 4:21 pm
Royal estate, Edlington

It is the latest in the ongoing crackdown by officers in the former pit town to deal with concerns about crime and antisocial behaviour on the royal estate.

Supt Neil Thomas confirmed an operation was now ongoing targeting youngsters on the royal, an estate which has been the subject of complaints in the town.

It is being run by the Doncaster West neighbourhood inspector Dan McKnight, but also involves other public agencies including Doncaster Children's Services and St Leger Homes.

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Supt Thomas said: "The operation is dealing with individuals who are not attending school, or children who are not getting the appropriate care from their families.

" There is an operation ongoing, and it has been running for a couple of weeks.

"But we are also linking in with other organisations to put in diversionary activities for youngsters there.

"Not all the youngsters on the streets are getting into crime, and some are just looking for something to do.

" We are looking at finding things for them do do and are working with local youth organisations."

Police have been targeting the royal estate since a public meeting raised concerns about crime and antisocial behaviour.

At the meeting earlier this year, residents said many people were afraid to report the antisocial behaviour that they were suffering.

It was one of the areas in Doncaster where officers brought a new type of community policing in ahead of its roll-out across the borough as a whole.

Community police officers are trying to work with other local groups to stop crime at its roots.