Trip of a lifetime turns into good samaritan trek

Neill Bird and his partner Julie, who are currently travelling around the world in a Land Rover.
Neill Bird and his partner Julie, who are currently travelling around the world in a Land Rover.

AN INTREPID Doncaster couple are using their round the world trip in an old Land Rover to help other travellers in need.

Neil and Julie Bird who are currently a quarter of the way through their two-year expedition with their 18-year-old Land Rover Matilda are taking on the role as good samaritan’s along the way.

After the couple spent all their spare cash getting the Land Rover Defender 110 300Tdi ready for the trip Neil, who had limited knowledge of cars, became somewhat of an expert on mechanics.

And he is using his new found skills to help other travellers along their epic journey.

Speaking about the trip Neil, 42, of Rossington said: “We’re not doing it for charity as we do not believe you can possibly collect enough money to warrant the expense of the journey. Instead we help wherever we can and take particular satisfaction of helping other motorists we see along the way. Sometimes broken down in the strangest of places.

“The people we were travelling with across Syria broke down in Homms and we managed to stay two nights in Damascus whilst I fixed their car. I’d learnt so much fixing mine up that I knew more than the Land Rover dealer in Damascus. “Fixing other peoples cars and helping them out seemed to be a bit of a trend from then on.”

The couple who intend to travel around the world overland with some sea crossings in a container, have completed Africa and have just arrived in South America covering around 56,000 km or 35,000 miles.

“We slept in McDonalds car parks, hotel car parks, laybys, side of the road, in shopping centre car parks, campsites, the odd hotel, people’s houses and almost anywhere we found that was safe. We even slept in the desert under the night of a thousand stars. It really makes you realise how our little journey is nothing in comparison to the distance to some of those stars in the sky. We saw the edge of the Milky Way from horizon to Horizon. Something you only get to do in places like the desert. Follow the Bird’s trip on