South Yorkshire public transport cuts

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Passengers who use public transport in South Yorkshire are being warned front-line services will be affected by the next round of funding cuts.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive has already made £6.2 million of cutbacks and reduced its workforce by more than 24 per cent during the last three years.

Until now the majority of those cuts have been to backroom staff – but SYPTE Director General David Brown is now warning future cuts will impact directly on front-line services.

That could mean unprofitable routes could have their subsidies stopped – which could see the loss of some rural or late night services.

The number of staff working at information points could be cut, there could be fewer security staff at stations and interchanges, and a freeze on investment and equipment in existing stations.

The SYPTE receives funding from the four local councils in South Yorkshire, and Mr Brown admitted he fully expected more cuts in the future.

Mr Brown said: “So far we have been able to find the £6.2m saving that we have been required to make by cutting back room staff, and through efficiencies in administration and the way we collect data from passengers.

“We have removed 61 posts from the organisation which has taken us from 362 staff to 301.

“Although we do not know the extent of the next round of budget cuts, only so many back-room cuts can be made.

“Largely, the public will not have noticed the cuts we have made, but in the future the areas to be affected will be ‘customer-facing’ services, which could include the cancellation of some routes.”

Mr Brown has also announced he will step down as director general after five years to take on a new role with MerseyRail later this year.