Slow down plea success

ROAD safety campaigners have presented MP Ed Miliband with a list of drivers in Mexborough who have pledged to drive at 20mph or less in built-up areas.

Campaigns officer Ellen Booth for road safety charity Brake joined Mexborough’s Jet petrol station manager Judith Lindley to hand him 2,617 signatures.

It was the highest number of pledges collected at the firm’s sites since it launched a campaign called 20 Is Plenty in June.

Ms Lindley said: “We are so delighted our community joined together to support Jet’s 20 Is Plenty campaign, and we want to thank all our customers.”

Doncaster North MP Mr Miliband said: “Statistics show if you hit someone at 30mph they will probably die.

“But if they are hit by a car travelling at 10mph less, they will almost certainly live.

“I hope all drivers will have that in their mind whenever they are driving through residential areas.”