New £18m bid for funding to fix crumbling South Yorkshire roads

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More than £18 million could be spent on repairing crumbling roads across South Yorkshire after bids for Government funding were submitted.

It is hoped cash can be secured from the national £575m Highway Maintenance Challenge Fund to fund a series of improvements on the A630 around Rotherham and the A638 in Doncaster.

A report to the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority said Rotherham Council would be willing to put more than £1m towards the £11.6m of planned work for the A630.

It is hoped funding can be secured for the partial rebuilding and replacement of Crinoline Bridge.

The report said: “Scheduled inspections over the past 20 years have revealed severe issues with the bridge joints.

“More recent specialist inspections have identified severe corrosion and concrete spilling over large areas.

“The life expectancy of the bridge has dramatically reduced and the most cost effective solution is to rebuild the top of the abutments and replace the deck of the bridge to modern design standards.”

Major maintenance work on the A630 is also planned, targeting road surfaces and pavements ‘in a critical condition’.

The £6.7m plans for Doncaster involve maintenance work on the A19, A630. A631 and A638. Doncaster Council will put £670,000 towards the work if the funding bid is successful.

The report said: “The routes through Doncaster from the north to the south are along the former Great North Road running parallel to the A1M corridor.

“If major maintenance is not carried out, there are major congestion and reliability issues when either the A1M or the A638 is closed and acting as a strategic diversion route.”