M18 crash: Motorway near Doncaster could be closed until 'at least midnight' as police investigate accident

The M18 could remain closed until at least midnight as South Yorkshire Police investigate an accident between J1 and J2.

Monday, 25th July 2022, 9:58 pm

National Highways has said the police are in attendance at the scene as emergency services are letting through vehicles who have been stuck behind the accident for a number of hours.

James Marshall, who got stuck in the gridlock behind the multi-vehicle accident at 5.30pm today, had only just got past the scene when he spoke to The Star shortly after 8.45pm.

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M18 crash: Warning issued as Doncaster motorway is closed due to 'very serious c...
Early images of the M18 crash which caused queues at least three miles long and trapped motorists behind for hours.

He said: “There are still 10 to 15 emergency vehicles there. They are only letting one lane through at about five mile per hour.

"I tried not to look as I went past but the inside lane looked messed up.”

Reports of the crash started just before James reached the traffic with emergency services immediately rushed to the scene.

James managed to catch some footage of a flurry of police cars racing to the scene down the other side of the motorway after both directions were closed to allow emergency services to respond.

Earlier images and footage given to The Star appeared to show four vehicles were involved in the accident, including two cars, a van and a lorry.

National Highways described the incident as “very serious” in a statement and had anticipated the roads would remain closed until 11.00pm.

No news has emerged suggesting the roads have been reopened but James said they were letting the queues behind go by slowly.

He said: “I reached the queues about half five and was stuck for two hours without moving.

"It had taken another hour of moving slowly to get past the accident.”