Doncaster’s biggest bus firm plans fares rise

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A price hike on bus tickets is set to hit the pockets of thousands of passengers in Doncaster.

Bus operator First is increasing a number of its fares at the end of the month.

But some of the firm’s tickets will be frozen, under the plans revealed this week.

Ben Gilligan, managing director for First in South Yorkshire, said increases had been kept to a minimum, many fares were to be frozen, and the average increase was three per cent.

He added: “We appreciate nobody likes any increase to fares but it has been necessary to review some prices to meet the ongoing challenge of rising costs to our business.”

The £1.20, £1.50, £1.80, £2.30, £3, £3.50 and £3.80 fares are frozen. But £2.20 and £2.50 fares rise by 10p and £2.40 and £2.80 fares rise by 20p.

First Week tickets will rise 50p to £13.50. New £2 child day tickets will be introduced.