Cash to fix our broken roads

Pothole in Lakeside Boulevard.
Pothole in Lakeside Boulevard.

Doncaster’s battered roads are set to be revamped - with the way being paved for a £1 million overhaul.

The borough’s pothole strewn highways are set to be given a huge refurbishment if Doncaster Council’s ruling cabinet approves spending plans at a meeting today.

The authority has been allocated more than £1 million by the Department for Transport to carry out the work which will help repair many of the area’s key routes after a number of years of deterioration due to bad winter weather.

If councillors approve the spending, £677,000 will be allocated to the council across 2013-14 with the further £354,000 coming in 2014-15.
According to the report, due to be discussed by the elected mayor Ros Jones and her cabinet at this morning’s meeting at the Civic Offices, sites chosen for repair will be derived from a combination of reports, known problem hotspots as well as complaints from members of the public.

The programme of repairs will see roads being resurfaced or more robust patching applied to maintain durable carriageways and help reduce congestion on the town’s roads.

The report states: “The maintenance strategy is aimed at achieving the largest impact over the borough wide network and in providing value for money from the additional funds received.

“This is the most effective way of providing the greatest maintenance benefits to the majority of Doncaster’s residents and road users. This strategy will complement our existing planned highway maintenance expenditure.”

If the repair funding is given the green light, according to the report, roads treated will be able to withstand the rigors of subsequent winters, flooding, traffic levels as well as general weathering, erosion, helping to rule out the risk of third party damage, injury and insurance claims in the future.

The cabinet has been recommended to accept the funding, which comes from a nationwide cashpot of more than £1.5 billion to upgrade roads across the entire country.

The plans are welcomed by Doncaster motorists - but there are concerns that much more still needs to be done to bring the borough’s roads up to scratch.

Andy Pownall, deputy chairman of the Doncaster Taxi Drivers Association, said work on the roads was needed as the pot holes on the carriageways in the borough can cause damage to motorists vehicles.

He said: “A lot of the roads in Doncaster are in a poor condition. I think it is the general levels of deterioration that is a concern, although some roads are worse than others.

“As taxi drivers we drive a lot of miles and you feel that the roads are sometimes not doing your suspension any good. Some of the pot holes are quite deep.

“I think this is a start, and is welcome, but it is not the complete solution. They need doing properly rather than just filling in the holes. There are roads where it feels like most of the surface is breaking up.”