£130m for upgrades to the rail system


TRANSPORT bosses have today received £130 million to help speed up journey times and increase capacity.

Network Rail received the money from the Government as part of its Northern Hub campaign.

The cash will benefit Doncaster’s rail passengers with capacity and train speeds being increased on the line between Sheffield and Manchester.

David Higgins said: “Today’s announcement of further funding for the initial stages of the Northern Hub is a welcome show of confidence in rail bringing benefits to passengers as well as driving economic growth.

“To realise the project’s total value of £4 billion to the northern economy and create between 20,000 and 30,000 new jobs, the final stages of funding will need to be supported in the rail budgets to be announced later this year.”

The rest of the £130 million will be spent in the north west and West Yorkshire.

Other long term aims of the Northrn Hub connected to Doncaster are for additional services to Manchester and potential for direct trains to Liverpool, Chester and Preston.