Doncaster Sheffield Airport is one of the best


Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) is delighted to announce a ‘Very Good’ rating in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) annual report on accessibility services provided by the UK’s top 30 airports, published yesterday.

Rob Cooke, Operations Director at DSA said: “Great customer service remains our highest priority at DSA and it’s important that everyone who travels through the airport has a great experience and is treated with dignity and respect. We work closely with our partners Westgrove, to provide an excellent Passenger Assistance Service, and we make sure that we have plenty of staff available to handle passenger requests. We take a proactive stance on any feedback received of how we can continue to improve this service.”

DSA was the only Yorkshire airport to receive a ‘Very Good’ rating, which assesses the free assistance passengers with disabilities and those with reduced mobility are entitled to when travelling by air. The improvement from a previous 'Good' to 'Very Good' rating is attributed to continued dialogue and engagement with local disability charities and investment in Passenger with Reduced Mobilities (PRM) innovations.

In 2017 over 3 million requests were made for assistance at UK airports, increasing at a rate of around double that of general passenger growth.

The report states that ‘good accessibility at airports does not just help the people who use the assistance, but also the family members and friends that they are travelling with. It is a positive story for the aviation industry that disabled people feel increasingly confident to use the assistance provided at UK airports.’