Tourists speak out about state of Epworth's streets

A businessman has spoken out about the amount of rubbish strewn about in the Isle, after foreign visitors brought the matter to his attention.

Friday, 12th May 2017, 9:00 am

Harold Woolgar of Woolgar Insurance in Epworth High Street contacted the Bells after tourists from Singapore pointed out the ‘ea of cigarette buts’ in the town.

He said there was an adverse, and increasing visual effect, on Epworth’s streets, “particularly outside the many take away food outlets, eating houses, pubs and even the Co-op car parking bays near to the shop,” he explained.

“In addition, outside the bank car parking area where weeds are growing in the gutters, to name but just a few visual examples.

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“This ‘sea of cigarette buts’ as described to me, was brought to my attention by an Easter overseas visitor, from Singapore.

“She said to deposit cigarette buts and chewing gum in Singapore, was an offence, where hefty fines are imposed as a deterrent.

“Hence Singapore streets and the whole country being spotlessly clean.”

Mr Woolgar called for residents and business owners to do their bit by tidying up the frontage of their properties to make the town more attractive, and for cigarette receptacles to be regularly emptied.