'Tornado' wrecks string of Doncaster homes as violent winds rip through streets

This was the scene of devastation after a ‘mini-tornado’ ripped through Doncaster’s streets, blasting holes in roofs, ripping off tiles and sending debris scattering.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 21st February 2022, 9:33 am

Residents in Thorne were left in shock after violent winds ripped through the area yesterday aftenoon as Storm Franklin gave Doncaster another battering hot on the heels of Friday’s Storm Eunice.

Terrified residents said the twister struck at around 3pm yesterday with fierce. swirling gusts crashing into homes in the Wykegate Road area.

There were reports of tiles being torn from roofs as well as fences being smashed down as torrential rain also lashed the area.

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A tornado caused damage to a number of homes in Thorne. (Photo: Susan Durant/Twitter)

Describing the incident, one Twitter user wrote: “Nightmare here - mini tornado in Thorne – damage to roof tiles etc, some have fell on cars.

"Luckily we not affected but sister’s house slight damage - about three today, fire service been on the scene.”

Another said: “We had what I can only describe as a mini tornado causing damage to people’s roofs and fences in Thorne.”

Another added: “Lots of houses have had roofs damaged.”

The twister caused damage to a number of properties. (Photo: Susan Durant/Twitter)

Thorne councillor Susan Durant tweeted pictures of the destruction and said: “There’s definitely been some damage, been out and about after receiving calls from residents. Fire, police, council and St Leger Homes officers busy supporting the community.”

It comes after a warning was issued saying that the UK could be hit by ‘brief tornadoes’ as Storm Franklin batters the UK with 80mph winds.

A yellow wind warning is in place for Doncaster until 1pm today.

According to Chadderton Weather Centre in Greater Manchester using data from the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation, parts of the UK could be hit by the violent weather phenomenon which sees a funnel of air sweeping across the ground, destroying everything in its path.

Writing on Twitter, the independent meteorologist warned of "isolated brief tornadoes", as well as cloud-to-ground lightning.

Yesterday, parts of Doncaster were put on flood alert after torrential rain saw the River Don break its banks in a number of places.

Friday’s Storm Eunice saw trees toppled across the town with fences and houses also damaged by 80mph winds.