Toilet roll, fire extinguisher and yoghurt - the 30 worst Mother's Day gifts received by Doncaster mums

Toilet rolls, fire extinguishers and yoghurts are among some of the bizarre Mother's Day gifts received by Doncaster mums, a new study has revealed.

Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 12:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 12:56 pm
Will your mum get a rubbish present this Mother's Day?

Paint, car parts, washing up liquid and hair dye also make it onto the top 30 naffest presents handed to mums on Mother's Day, according to the survey by Sizzling Pubs ahead of this Sunday's celebration.

The pub chain polled mums and found that 50% of local mums won’t be getting the day off on Mother’s Day, 29% won’t even get a lie in and 9% won’t get a present at all.

And 46% of local mums have received a lousy Mother’s Day gift but were too polite to say anything about it.

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Among the most common gifts are cheap toiletries (40%), ahead of the infamous last-minute garage flowers (31%).

Despite flowers and chocolates being the most widely-gifted items on Mother’s Day, a paltry 9% of mums actually want a bouquet and only 6% hanker for sweet treats.

A meal with all the family together was by far the most wanted Mother’s Day gift, with 37% of the votes, ahead of handmade gifts (15%). 47% of local mums want less than £10 spent on their present, with 16% preferring their gift to be totally cost-free.

Sizzling Pubs and Crown Carveries have over 420 family friendly pubs nationwide.

30 of the worst Mother’s Day gifts received by British mums:

1. Deodorant

2. Fire extinguisher

3. Tin of paint

4. Cleaning supplies

5. A rock

6. Stick of French bread

7. Washing up liquid

8. Salad dressing

9. Popcorn

10. Ants

11. Mousemat

12. Clothesline

13. Vitamin tablets

14. Hair dye

15. Tights

16. Screwdriver

17. Toilet roll

18. Calculator

19. Car parts

20. Ironing board cover

21. Screenwash

22. Spoons

23. Oven gloves

24. Snake

25. Dustpan and brush

26. Half eaten cake

27. Tin of beans

28. IOU

29. Carving knife

30. Four yoghurts