Three out of four Doncaster adults are overweight

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Almost 75 per cent of people in Doncaster are overweight, shocking new figures have revealed.

Figures released today by Public Health England have shown how the borough has the second highest percentage of overweight adults in the country, with 74.4 per cent of people in Doncaster carrying excess weight.

Doncaster is also top of the table for obesity in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The data is based on self-reported height and weight measurements collected by Sport England since January 2012, and classifies as ‘overweight’ anyone with a body mass index of more than 25.

Nationally, 63.8 percent of England’s adults are overweight, with Doncaster beaten on the fat map only by Copeland in Cumbria where 75.9 per cent of adults are too heavy.

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